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Maerad of Pellinor by shmillie Maerad of Pellinor :iconshmillie:shmillie 1 5 Fire Lily by shmillie Fire Lily :iconshmillie:shmillie 24 5
Summer Plague Entry
Sitting by the cerulean waves
Counting the grains of sand.
Sitting by the cerulean waves
Far from my mother's hand.
Splashing in the cerulean waves
Frosty white foam licking my knees.
Splashing in the cerulean waves
Relishing the peaceful morning breeze.
Walking by the cerulean waves
Lovely warm sand under my feet.
Walking by the cerulean waves
Watching the seagulls chatter and eat.
Lying by the cerulean waves
Gazing as the sand glinted red and gold.
Lying by the cerulean waves
Listening as the water tumbled and rolled.
Eating by the cerulean waves
Clear apple juice dribbling down my chin.
Eating by the cerulean waves
Humid fiery air roasting my skin.
Standing by the cerulean waves
Blazing sun dropping down in the sky.
Standing by the cerulean waves
Biting my lip, saying goodbye.
Sitting by the cerulean waves
Counting the grains of sand.
How many here? How many there? How many in my hand?
:iconshmillie:shmillie 2 0
Futile Promises
“Good morning, sleepyhead…”
    Ceredin’s honey voice reverberated in my mind, pulling from my dizzying and vivid dreams back into the late morning day. I searched around the striking room with my eyes, furrowing my brows when I didn’t see any sign of her.
    “Cere?” I asked hoarsely, shaking my head to get rid of the sleep that still clung on to me. She wasn’t anywhere in the bed, nowhere in the room that I could see. I swung my legs to the pristine white marble floor and hobbled over to the window, my head spinning with lightheadedness at getting up so swiftly. A clump of dark, shaggy hair dropped into my scrutiny and I pushed it away, exasperated. I leaned over the windowsill, and was met by Ceredin’s intense gaze. Ceredin had the most stunning eyes- slanted, like a cat’s, with ultra long lashes. The color was a endless brown, enchanting in a way that was complex and mysterious. Ceredin looked
:iconshmillie:shmillie 1 8
Mountain of Fire by shmillie Mountain of Fire :iconshmillie:shmillie 2 3 Toucan by shmillie Toucan :iconshmillie:shmillie 0 0 Uccello Blu by shmillie Uccello Blu :iconshmillie:shmillie 0 0 Un bel giorno by shmillie Un bel giorno :iconshmillie:shmillie 0 0 Twilight- Brown Version by shmillie Twilight- Brown Version :iconshmillie:shmillie 0 3 Deus Ch. 1 Blend by shmillie Deus Ch. 1 Blend :iconshmillie:shmillie 0 0 Jake's Gonna Get It by shmillie Jake's Gonna Get It :iconshmillie:shmillie 6 12 Black is the New Pink-Contest by shmillie Black is the New Pink-Contest :iconshmillie:shmillie 2 0 Cullens Hit the Beach-Gift by shmillie Cullens Hit the Beach-Gift :iconshmillie:shmillie 3 7 Whispering Leaves by shmillie Whispering Leaves :iconshmillie:shmillie 0 3 The Real Edward Cullen by shmillie The Real Edward Cullen :iconshmillie:shmillie 8 21 A Sign From God by shmillie A Sign From God :iconshmillie:shmillie 2 6

Random Favourites

Mes for Mes by Radittz Mes for Mes :iconradittz:Radittz 953 122
Finally able to
take in those breaths of air
I've missed these three weeks.
Finally able to
will myself to sleep,
stop the shattering
of my glass heart,
learn that you
just aren't the one.
Sitting here,
listening to you
smile at his name,
slowly accepting that
there's no you & me,
that moving on
is all I have left.
So I'm picking myself
off the floor,
gathering up the broken pieces,
and moving forward
one step at a time;
away from you.
:iconautumnsdebri:Autumnsdebri 2 1
Waiting for Dawn
No words to express how
I want to scream,
shout all the pain out.
Four a.m. and
morning is slow in coming...
spent all night waiting for
that one phone call,
only to never recieve it,
to never even hear the
hint of "you and me",
and I knew it
wasn't that easy:
I'm not the only one with
sleepless nights and
dagger daydreams,
and you... lost somewhere
on the meaning of forever.
But I'm
begging you to reconsider
:iconautumnsdebri:Autumnsdebri 3 5
Broken Flame by thienbao Broken Flame :iconthienbao:thienbao 10,543 912 Strange We Should Meet Here by girlandagun Strange We Should Meet Here :icongirlandagun:girlandagun 3 6 The Elemental Goddesses by Sugargrl14 The Elemental Goddesses :iconsugargrl14:Sugargrl14 2,494 360
Qustions Left Unanswered..
Sitting on the floor she wonders why she’s here again.  Crying till her face in covered in running wet marks, curling up to clench the feeling of being alone in her stomach.  She notices something that reminds her of you and hides it in a faraway drawer to be found another ill-fated night.
So much is unsaid and it’s yelling in her mind.  Bouncing off her skull in shouts of ‘Why?!’ and ‘How?!’ never to be answered because the one that could answer won’t and those who can will never be able to fill the space she left behind when she wrenched herself up and out of your life.  Forever.  Forever ribbons of time and hurt and pain and loneliness stretch forward and the fear begins again as new tears form behind tired eyes.  
When will the hurt ever leave..
Will she ever talk to you again..
What if this was your one chance..  
Will someone care enough..  
:iconwinterravenrain:winterravenrain 2 4
Missing you..
It’s when your heart stops when you hear their name..
It’s when you lie awake at night working out the point where you went wrong..
It’s when you can’t stop the tears and you never think they’ll end..
It’s when you hear one word from them and you’ll be happy for days..
It’s when you wait up at night staring at the phone contemplating their number..
It’s when you feel the weight of a person resting on your heart..
It’s when you feel like you’re breathing thick air..
It’s when you dream of their face..
It’s when you find yourself walking the same steps over and over..
That’s when you realise
          how much you loved them..
          how much you’ve lost..
          how much you’d give to get them back..
:iconwinterravenrain:winterravenrain 3 5
we're all young once by kid-at-heart we're all young once :iconkid-at-heart:kid-at-heart 4 5 TWELVE FAIL SAFE WAYS by lillywmw TWELVE FAIL SAFE WAYS :iconlillywmw:lillywmw 197 97 Aphrodite by A--4 Aphrodite :icona--4:A--4 622 72 Sirius new style tryout by jolly2 Sirius new style tryout :iconjolly2:jolly2 387 309 HP - Sirius' motorbike by Jennaris HP - Sirius' motorbike :iconjennaris:Jennaris 3,700 321



'Ello, loves.
Current Residence: italy
Favourite genre of music: good music
Favourite cartoon character: Pooka from Anastasia

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